Packing tape / Paketim me natriban (skoç)

LOGO FILM brings the  best quality adhesive tape on the market for packaging With different dimensions, colors, metals and thickness according to the customer’s request

With LOGO FILM adhesive tape your packaging is safer




Printing tape / Natriban i personalizuar (skoç)

LOGO FILM   brings to you personalized adhesive tape for all types of businesses. So you
have the opportunity to make your packaging more serious, more efficient,
more advertising and more secure in the market.
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PVC Tape / Shirit ngjitës PVC

LOGO FILM brings PVC adhesive tape with different dimensions and metals which is a
strong tape and is used for packaging, heavy weight packaging. Resistant and
quality scotch for your businesses! (also personalized).
We also have bag closure equipment. With colored PVC adhesive tape, bag
closures are made, such as: bread bags, dried fruits, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.






Fiber glass tape/ Shirit ngjitës me fije qelqi

LOGO FILM brings you  professional fiberglass adhesive tape with dimensions and
metals according to the customer’s request, the use of which is applied to the wall, gibs, drywall, graffiato, etc.
With this adhesive your work will have  high quality and efficiency.







Biadesive tape / Natriban ngjitës nga të dyja anët

LOGO FILM brings you High quality double sided tape (adhesive on both sides), high quality polyethylene
composite. Is ideal for paper, leather, plastic materials and for carpets and linoleum, etc.

Use the LOGO FILM  Biadheziv so your work becomes easier.








Aluminum tape / Natriban prej alumini

LOGO FILM brings you aluminum adhesive tape which is used in various fields such as. Aspirator, Boilers,
air conditioners, heating systems, stove pipes, etc.
It is a quality adhesive tape and resistant to heat, cold and moisture, etc.

With aluminum foil tape i LOGO FILM your product is safe.





Duct tape / Natriban amerikan

LOGO FILM brings you duct tape with textile yarn for general use. This adhesive tape is applied to any
surface and is easily torn manually. Areas of use are: hydraulic, construction,etc.
Very strong and resistant to moisture and very functional.

With the Duct Tape e LOGO FILM adhesive tape your job is cleaner and more qualitative.







Masking tape / Natriban prej letre (tenije).

LOGO FILM brings you Adhesive tape for generally usealso specific types (at the request of the
client). The composition is with natural solvent natyral rubber adhesive.








Tape PE UV / Natriban PE UV

LOGO FILM brings to you special adhesive tape for the field of agriculture. Mainly for greenhouses, repairs of canopies, tents, etc.
It is resistant to sun and rain. Polyethylene and UV resistant composition.




Handly tape / Natriban për koli

LOGO FILM  brings special adhesive tape. This adhesive tape serves to hold
water bags, beers, kitchen paper, toilet paper, etc.






Dispenser tape / Pajisje për paketim

LOGO FILM brings Professional packaging equipment.
Used for packaging carton boxes etc. Easy to use.




Electrical Insulation Tape / Izolant për rrymën elektrike

Insulation Tape is made with lead free soft PVC film with a rubber solvent
adhesive. High Voltage Insulating PVC Electrical Insulation Tape




Masking Tape Personalized / Letër  ngjitëse e personalizuar

LOGO FILM brings personalized Masking Tape. High quality and performance in your work.







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LOGO FILM with an experience of 2004 in the Albanian market offers security and quality for products of Italian origin: Scotch printed and unprinted in all dimensions and metals, biade, adhesive paper, aluminum adhesive, universal adhesive (for construction) . Prepared stencils or raw materials of all kinds